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Corporate Profile

(Extracted from Annual Report 2015)


Mencast Holdings Ltd and its subsidiary corporations ("Mencast" or the "Group") is a regional Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ("MRO") solutions provider for the global Offshore and Marine industries. Headquartered in Singapore, our Group was successfully listed in June 2008 as the first sponsor-approved listing on Singapore's SGX Catalist and later became the first such company to transfer to the SGX Mainboard.

From its establishment in 1981, the Group grew into a leader in the manufacture and repair of propellers and sterngear equipment and has built on its core competencies to steadily expand business over the last three decades. Today, through organic growth and acquisitions, Mencast has transformed into a complete MRO solutions provider catering to the global Offshore and Marine industries.

Led by a dedicated and experienced management team, and operating from our waterfront facilities and workshops in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, Mencast is steadily gaining recognition as a leader in the global Offshore and Marine MRO industry. At present, our Group services customers through our three business segments, being Offshore & Engineering, Marine, and Energy Services.


Offshore & Engineering segment includes inspection, maintenance and fabrication of offshore structures as well as engineering and other services related to onshore structures which includes Construction & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities, Water Treatment and Reclamation sectors within the region. This Division offers in-depth expertise in turnkey project management and budget development in mechanical structural engineering and installation.

Entities under our Offshore & Engineering segment are recognised as engineering specialist in the design, procurement, fabrication and installation of structural and precision engineering systems and plants. We also have in-house capability to fabricate complex skids, filtration membrane, pressure vessels and storage tanks. Within this segment, we also provide a full range of topside (rope access) services for the Offshore and Inshore industry.


Marine segment includes sterngear manufacturing and refurbishment, ship inspection, repair & maintenance services, engineering & fabrication, and marine project management works. Through our waterfront facilities and subsea expertise, we are able to deploy bespoke marine solutions that include customised manufacturing, mobile reclaiming and reconditioning of hull parts, repairing, refurbishing and modification of propellers. For offsite works, we carry out inspection, repair and maintenance at shipyards, anchorages, ports, wharves and jetties, and onboard vessels, such as FPSOs, barges, container shipping vessels and oil tankers. Under this segment, we also provide full range of subsea (diving) services for the Marine industry, particularly in inspection, repair and maintenance.


Our Energy Services segment includes customdesigned environmental and energy solutions with the use of high technology and mobile decontaminating plants. Services provided under this segment include semi-robotic oil tank de-sludging, air-fin cooler cleaning, ultra-high pressure hydro cleaning, furnace decoking and pigging, and heat exchange re-tubing. In addition, we also design and launch carbon footprint initiatives for our clients to manage their carbon output.

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